Big Bath City Bid
Big Bath City Bid
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Big Bath City Bid Team
Bath, England
Funding Target
£ 750,000
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Days Left
Expired on 04 Sep 2015
This Project is fully funded. Please take a look at our active projects.

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About the project

The share offer is now closed pending consultation. Depending on the wishes of investors, it could re-open or we could put a modified proposition to you. Nothing can be taken unless we hit our target or otherwise receive your explicit consent.For further details, please see out latest update.

We want to give Bath the football club it deserves!

We want the supporters and Bath community to own the football club, and offer a positive alternative to the broken model of British football. We think that's possible by getting more people, businesses and organisations invested and involved in Bath City FC. With diverse support and a sustainable business plan, Bath City FC can push on towards the Football League, engage the whole community and deliver real social benefits to the people of Bath.

Together we can give our city a football club to be proud of.



Choose the level of share investment that's right for you.

This share offer meets the Community Shares Standard

The minimum share purchase has been set at £250. This makes buying shares in Bath City FC affordable to a wide range of people in Bath and beyond. However, we will need those with deeper pockets to buy more than the minimum if the bid is to succeed. With this in mind, we have created a share incentive scheme that provides additional rewards and benefits to large investors (see below). For organisations and companies, we are offering further benefits that can be passed on to employees (see page 33 of the share offer document).


  • Share Certificate
  • Limited Edition Owner’s badge
  • 1 year’s membership of the community club (thereafter £10 pa)
  • EIS tax rebate (if eligible): £75


  • As above plus
  • Name listed on new permanent Roll of Honour in stadium
  • 2 years’ membership of the community club (thereafter £10 pa)
  • EIS tax rebate (if eligible): £150


  • As above plus
  • Special listing in every programme for 2015/16 season (from bid completion)
  • Invite to exclusive reception event for major shareholders
  • Free entry to 5 home league games in 2015/16 season
  • 3 years’ membership of the community club (thereafter £10 pa)
  • EIS tax rebate (if eligible): £300


  • As above plus
  • Official picture with team
  • Lifetime membership of the community club
  • 1 year’s free Premier Lounge Membership (from bid completion)
  • 1 year’s dedicated Seat in stand
  • Name listed on new lifetime membership board
  • EIS tax rebate (if eligible): £1500


  • As above plus
  • 3 years’ free Premier Lounge Membership with match day car parking (from Bid completion)
  • 3 years’ dedicated Seat in stand with your name on
  • 3 years’ Senator Forum Membership including invitations to special events
  • EIS tax rebate (if eligible): 30% of investment

About Big Bath City Bid Team

We are a group of supporters and local people that have come together because we care about Bath and see a huge opportunity to build a brilliant community-owned football club - a football club that Bath deserves.

The initial impetus towards community ownership came from the Bath City Supporters Society, a democratic membership organisation of Bath City supporters which is the club’s largest shareholder. We have the support and permission of the Bath City FC board of directors to fully investigate a change of ownership structure and make a binding offer to the club’s shareholders.

Remember though: “we” are not the future of the club. You are the future of the club. With Bath residents, companies, charities and organisations involved, we can transform Bath City FC into a club that truly matters to the people of Bath and sets an example to the rest of football.

You can read more about the people that make up the bid team at

We have been working with Supporters Direct to produce this offer, the leading organisation developing and promoting community owned sports clubs.


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