Hastings Pier
Hastings Pier
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Hastings Pier Charity
Hastings, United Kingdom
Funding Target
£ 500,000
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Expired on 05 Apr 2014

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About the project

The rebuilding of Hastings Pier is a cause which has been championed by people of the town. The hard work and commitment of volunteers, fundraisers and local authorities has seen £11.4m raised from the Heritage Lottery Fund with over £2m raised from other public and institutional sources.  We still have a gap of £500,000 to fill to make the pier a really attractive place to visit. This is where you and the Community Shares come in.

We are delighted to offer you the chance to show your support to the pier by buying some Community Shares.  The shares are £1 each and the minimum investment is £100, but you can choose to invest any sum up to the maximum allowed which is £20,000. Your investment is withdrawable in certain conditions and the Board plans to pay interest on shares after the third year of trading. HMRC - the UK Tax authorities - have confirmed that the Hastings Pier Charity's Community Share offer as set out in the documents will qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme. This means that all investments by individuals are eligible for tax relief and so as a taxpayer you can recover 30% of whatever you invest. You can access further information on the scheme at www.hmrc.gov.uk/eis

A Community Share is not like an ordinary share in an ordinary company.  You should not buy these shares to make a profit.  You should not put in money which you cannot afford and which you might need back in a hurry.  If you buy shares you should see yourself as a donor with a voice which will be heard. Your shares mean that you have a say in the future operation of the pier and your share shows you care about the future of Hastings, its heritage and the regeneration of the town.
So please subscribe if you can; the decision to buy some shares will help us fulfil the vision of a people’s pier, part funded by the people of Hastings and those who care about Hastings.
Please read the offer documents and, if you can, join us in making the pier come alive.  In doing so, we will be setting a model for others to follow when they want to make a difference to their life and surroundings as our supporters have done.

Thank you.

John Lovering, Chairman of Hastings Pier Charity

About Hastings Pier Charity

The team working at the Hastings Pier Charity to make the People’s Pier a reality have already achieved a lot. They’ve managed to get a Heritage Lottery grant of £11.4m and an additional £2.3 million in other support, without letting the small matter of the Pier burning down get in the way. The renovation work on the pier was begun this August with a completion date of late Spring 2015. They are passionate, committed and talented people, and most have done all of this entirely in their own time.

The Charity’s CEO, Simon Opie, has been working pretty much full-time on the project since September 2011. Coming from a background of extensive experience in leisure – gained with Eurodisney and the Tussauds Group (now Merlin Entertainments), he continues to oversee the project’s planning and overall delivery.

Details of all the Trustees are available in the share offer document and on the website – www.hpcharity.co.uk


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£ 500,000
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