Sutton Community Farm
Sutton Community Farm
Sutton Community Farm
Sutton, UK
Funding Target
£ 60,000
Project Type
Days Left
Expired on 02 Mar 2016

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About the project

Sutton Community Farm sits on a beautiful 7 acre smallholding, with views towards the skyline of central London.

Our community share offer gives you the opportunity to invest in our farm and become a co-owner. By investing, you are supporting a new approach to farming; one that’s sustainable, resilient and benefits people as well as the planet. 

Become a shareholder by 29 February and receive an exclusive members' bonus

Our current share offer is open until 29 February. This deadline is fast approaching, so if you haven't invested already here are some more reasons to become a member by then:

All shareholders are invited to a members' pizza party on 23 July 2016.

  • £50   A unique Sutton Community Farm tee-shirt
  • £100 Four week food growing course on the farm
  • £240 Small VegBox for six months (12% discount)
  • £435 Small VegBox for a year (15% discount)
  • £500 Farm Supper Club (an exclusive menu of farm veg based cuisine for up to 8 people)
  • £900 Farm Supper Club (an exclusive menu of farm veg based cuisine for up to 16 people)

This share offer meets the Community Shares Standard

We started our farm 5 years ago in response to a community need, with the purpose to increase access to fresh, healthy, sustainable food and provide a shared space for people to cultivate skills, get exercise and make friends.

Being a community-led farm means people can join in and help shape who we are and what we do. Each year, we’ve gone from strength to strength and have been inspired by the way local food brings the community together.

We are excited to be opening our farm for membership to the wider community, taking us forward to the next level.

Shares are priced at a nominal £1 a share. You can invest any amount between £30 and £6,000. 

What we do

Our Farm is about Making Food Fair and Cultivating Community. We distribute the majority of our produce in a VegBox scheme, currently selling 200 Boxes per week to local households and pickup points in south London. We also sell wholesale to restaurants in central London.

As well as our regular cohort of volunteers, we have visits from school groups, disability colleges, probation services and businesses from across London. Our educational work is centred around food production, cooking and healthy lifestyles. We also engage with people beyond the farm, taking our work into schools and the local community.

We have four aims as a farm:

  1. To increase local food supply, grown sustainably;

  2. To create inclusive, shared spaces for the community to cultivate skills;

  3. To be community-led;

  4. To achieve economic stability, supporting land-based employment.

Why buy a Community Share in our farm?

This share offer builds our membership and helps us become more resiliant, funding new projects that help develop our farm, as outlined.

We have a good record of growth and each year we have increased the traded income and reduced our grant dependency. With this community share offer, we hope to give our farm a boost it needs to start new income streams and become financially self-sufficient.

Our Annual Accounts are available on our website:

Our Targets

Target level 1: £10,000

This is our initial membership drive, and we’re aiming for 250 new members.

If we don’t meet this target, you will still be offered membership. You can choose not to become a member. All monies raised will be added into our working capital. Examples of how we will use the working capital include purchasing tools, site maintenance, and improving and expanding the VegBox scheme.

Target level 2: £30,000

At this level, we will invest £20,000 into the following projects:

  • Increase farm visibility with signage on the roads around the farm (£5,000).

  • Construct a self-service produce stall so that people can buy produce on-site (£7,000).

  • Make the farm more water efficient by completing works on our rainwater collection systems, collecting water from every roof and connecting our storage ponds into our irrigation (£5,000).

  • Complete an extensive renewable energy study for new buildings, making our farm carbon positive (£3,000). Funding the PV installation may involve a further share offer with interest available.

Target level 3: £60,000

At this level, we will invest an extra £30,000 that will:

  • Complete a Community FoodLab business plan and initiate steps towards renovating the glasshouses on our site. A FoodLab is a space for education and a space that will help turn produce from the farm and wider community into products such as jams, healthy juice drinks, popcorn, herbal teas and honey. It will also provide space to teach cooking skills and enable enterprises like our local baker to scale-up.

  • Power our deliveries by 100% renewables with a larger electric van, able to meet our projected customer growth.

About the investment

Shares are priced at a nominal £1 a share. You can invest any amount between £30 and £6,000. We want this offer to be as open to as many people as possible. If you have a little to spare we would welcome you investing £50. If you have larger sums you think could make the difference, we would welcome you investing what you can afford.

The investment should be considered as an opportunity to contribute financially to the farm with the expectation of a social dividend rather than a financial reward. This is a long-term investment.

On purchase of the minimum amount of shares you will become a member of the Society and will be entitled to full voting rights at the AGM and other general meetings. All members have one vote regardless of the number of shares held.

Please see the Share Offer document for important information about:

  • Restrictions on returns

  • Risks and caution

  • Eligibility of membership

  • Voting rights

  • Nature of the investment

Thank you for taking the time to read our Community Share Offer and we welcome you to our farm.

About Sutton Community Farm

Please refer to our website to see our current Board Members and staff:


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